The Clarity general meeting took place in Vancouver last week during the PLAIN2013 Conference.

The recent Clarity meeting in Vancouver brought together members from around the world to talk about Clarity and its future direction.

It was the last meeting for Candice Burt as President. Candice has decided to resign after the recent birth of her daughter Xanthe. While Candice was not able to attend the meeting, her final President’s report was delivered by Joh Kirby on her behalf.

Candice’s resignation was only a couple of months short of her full term. Candice has made a very important contribution to Clarity during her time as President. Her most significant achievement has been overseeing the drafting of the organisation’s first constitution. The constitution received in-principle support at the meeting. Thank you to Candice for her great contribution to Clarity during her time as President. We look forward to your continued involvement as a country representative.

Joh Kirby, from the Victoria Law Foundation in Australia, was voted in as the new President. Members who attended the meeting met Joh, who chaired the meeting. Joh is a lawyer whose focus is on helping the public better understand the law and their legal system. Joh’s focus during her presidency will be on making the organisation more transparent for the benefit of members and improving its public focus. If you have any ideas on how Clarity can be improved please contact Joh at

To find out more about Joh, see

Joh will soon be in contact with members to outline her focus and find out what members think.

A full report on the meeting and minutes will be circulated in the next members newsletter.