Member meetings


Clarity arranges occasional breakfast meetings in some countries. We also arrange a biennial conference somewhere in the world. In 2014 this conference will be held in Belgium in November 2014. Visit the conference website for more information.


London meetings - upcoming

We have occasional meetings in London. For information contact UK representative Daphne Perry:




17 March 2015 - Law as Engineering: lawyers and their clients in the 21st century

David Howarth, fellow at Clare College, Cambridge, and former MP for Cambridge, considers whether contracts and litigation documents would be clearer and better if lawyers thought about the law more as engineers think about engineering.


For more details and to book a place, see or email


When: 6 - 7:30pm

Location: Fenners Chambers in Cambridge


25 March 2015 - Clarification and easification of legislative drafting

In a joint event with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, we will explore whether a layered structure is a workable way to promote clarity in legislation and other documents.


For more details, see To book a place, please email


When: 2:30 – 5:30 pm

Location: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London


14 April 2015 - Drafting Hong Kong’s legislation in plain language

Eamonn Moran was Chief Parliamentary Counsel in Victoria for 8 years and then Law Draftsman in Hong Kong. He will describe his experience of promoting plain language in Hong Kong’s legislation from 2008 to 2012.


Time: 8 – 9:30 am

Location: Central London


2 June 2015 - Choosing typefaces and fonts for clear communication

Paul Luna, Professor of Typography and Graphic Communication and former head of corporate design at Oxford University Press, will help us make more informed font choices for our contracts, documents and emails.


Time: 8 – 9:30am

Location: Central London


15 September 2015 - Legislating at the European Central Bank

We will hear about the challenges and successes involved in producing clear legislation at this European institution, from Charles Hagon, Head of Legal Revision Central Banking Section.


Time: 8 – 9:30am

Location: Central London


8 October 2015 - Running a plain language campaign within the European Commission

Roslyn Bottoni, acting head of the Editing Unit in the European Commission's translation service, is also responsible for the Clear Writing Campaign at the Commission. She will explain origins and progress of the campaign for clarity within the EU.


Time: 8.15 – 9:35am

Location: Central London


24 November 2015 - The 500-word construction contract

Sarah Fox, a former construction lawyer, award-winning speaker and author of the 500-word construction contract, will speak on what is lost and gained when you reduce the industry standard forms to their bare essentials.


Time: 8 – 9:30am

Location: Central London


Past meetings


21 January 2015 - The Model Commercial Lease

Peter Williams, legal trainer at Falco Legal Training and Michael Callaghan, real estate Professional Support Lawyer at Eversheds LLP, will introduce the Model Commercial Lease – a new set of template leases drafted using plain English principles from the outset.










Past meetings


2 October 2014 - Plain language for financial services in South Africa

Frances Gordon, who has spent many years clarifying banking and insurance documents in South Africa, will share her experience of how their financial services regulation has simplified consumer contracts in this area.


3 June 2014 - NEC: the New Engineering Contract

Our Clarity breakfast in June features the NEC contracts, a set of engineering contracts written in everday language, with many other user-friendly differences from traditional legal documents. Our speaker is Dr Martin Barnes, their originator and first author.


Notes from the meeting are now available.


15 May 2014 - EU Ombudsman

The speaker at our Clarity breakfast in May is Emily O'Reilly, the European Ombudsman, whose job it is to look into maladministration in EU bodies. Her previous experience includes writing, editing and broadcasting, and 10 years as Ombudsman for Ireland, where she also chaired the British and Irish Ombudsman Association.


You can read the text of her talk here.


9 April 2014

Clearer legal information half-day conference in London (website and links to PDF presentations)


11 March 2014

Breakfast meeting with Lewison LJ: 30 years of change in contract interpretation: transcript (pdf)


3 February 2014

Alternative ways to present legal information with Rob Waller: notes from the meeting (doc)


26 November 2013

Teaching clarity - David Emmet


13 June 2013

The Rt Hon Sir Konrad Schiemann, EU Legislation and Judgments - The advantages of obscurity (audio 16KB)


9 July 2013

The Good Law Project (pdf)


22 April 2013

The visual element in document design (pdf)

Daphne Perry's notes from the meeting (doc)


1 May 2012

Our experience of putting law in plainer language


8 February 2012

Notes from meeting in London


December 2011

Notes from meeting in London


September 2011

Notes from meeting in London


June 2011

Notes from meeting in London