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Updated 8 August 2010

Clarity is the journal of the organisation Clarity. It is free to members but not otherwise published, although some back numbers, listed below, may be downloaded without charge.

However, as all our subscription income, and more, is used in producing and mailing the journal (leaving us dependent on the generosity of donors) we will no longer allow free downloads of all but the latest issue. We hope this will encourage people to join, and so contribute to the costs. From 14 April 2010, only the tables of contents will be available on our website until 2 years after publication to members.

Clarity began as Clarity's 4-page newsletter but gradually expanded and mutated into a journal (although a few intermediate issues in the 1990s were only newsletters). Where we have had to scan paper copies into pdfs the file sizes are much greater, page for page, than those already available in electronic form.

Only issue 42 remains to be scanned and uploaded.

Most issues are now edited, in part, by a guest editor. If you are interested in guest-editing a future issue, please contact editor-in-chief Julie Clement.

Journal News

I am pleased to say that issue 63 is at last on its way to the printer and (depending on the length of the printer's queue) should be distributed about the end of August. It is an unthemed "catch-up" issue, containing a range of practical and academic articles which could not be fitted into recent themed issues. (Updated 8.8.10)

Issue 64 will be devoted to the Options paper prepared by the International Plain Language Working Group set up at our Mexico conference. This is due in November, though Dr Neil James (chair of the working group and this issue's guest editor) hopes it will be ready in time for our Lisbon conference in October.


We are working on a word-searchable cumulative index, and are grateful to Cristina Vignolo of Argentina for helping. ("Helping" is my euphemism for "doing all the work".)

We are building on the index of issues 1-21 which was included in issue 21, and adding all later issues. Once it is up-to-date it will be easy to add new issues as they are published.

Past Journals

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