England 2002

Conference, England 2002


Clarity’s first-ever conference was held on 12–14 July 2002, in Cambridge, UK. The venue was Peterhouse, Cambridge’s oldest college. The conference was held jointly with the Statute Law Society. This enabled Clarity to share the expenses and administrative burdens, and to draw on speakers and memberships with common interests.


The conference provided an excellent opportunity for delegates with like minds from the two societies to meet. It attracted 90 participants from 17 countries. The theme was “The Language of Legislation”, a subject central to the interests of both organizations. The goal was to examine the style and purpose of legislation from a number of different perspectives, with the ultimate aim of improving legislation for its different users.


The conference ran for a day and a half, over five sessions. The first session concentrated on the purposes of legislation. The second session considered legislation from the user’s perspective. Session three was entitled “Producing Legislation: Lessons from Experience”. Session four dealt with “Effective Drafting Techniques”. The fifth session, running from 9.30 to 1 pm on the second day of the session, was a “masterclass” in which five drafting specialists spoke about their approach to drafting, and drew on their expertise to redraft selected clauses.


All who attended rated the conference as a great success. The experiences learned laid the foundations for later Clarity conferences, in France and then Mexico.

Clarity Committee 2002

The Clarity Committee—Peter Butt (Australia), Annelize Nienaber (South Africa), Christopher Balmford (Australia), John Pare, (UK), Phil Knight (Canada), Nick Lear (UK), Richard Castle (UK), Joe Kimble (USA), Paul Clark (UK), Bob Lowe (UK).