Board members

Under Clarity’s constitution, the board is elected by the members at its biennial General Meeting (traditionally held at the Clarity Conference).

President - elected November 2014

Joh Kirby (Ms)

Executive Director

Victoria Law Foundation

L5, 43 Hardware Lane

Melbourne, VIC 3000


Tel: +61 3 9604 8100



Treasurer - elected November 2014

Professor Joseph Kimble

Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Box 13038, Lansing, MI 48901-3038, USA


Tel: +1 517 371 5140

Fax: +1 517 334 5748



Secretary – elected November 2014

Daphne Perry

Plain English training, writing, consultancy

200 Kingston Rd


SW19 3NU



Tel: + 44 (0)7963 618 542



Editor-in-Chief, Clarity Journal – ex officio

Julie Clement

J Clement Communications

212 Brush Street

Portland, Michigan 48875



Tel: +1 517 402 4271



Country representatives


Each country representative functions as the central contact for members and activities in their country. They are also members of Clarity's board.


Australia: Christopher Balmford


Belgium: Olivier Beaujean


Canada: Nicole Fernbach


Chile: Claudia Poblete Olmedo


Finland: Aino Piehl


France: Jenny Gracie


Germany: Siegfried Breiter


Hong Kong: Elizabeth Grindey


Israel: Myla Kaplan


Italy: Christopher Williams


Japan: Kyal Hill


Luxembourg: Bernard Lambeau


Malaysia: Juprin Wong-Adamal


Mexico: Rosa Margarita Galán Vélez


The Netherlands: Tialda Sikkema


New Zealand: Lynda Harris


Nigeria: Dr. Tunde Opeibi


Pakistan: Mazhar Ilahi


Philippines: Victor Eleazar


Portugal: Miguel Martinho


Slovak Republic: Ing. Ján Rendek


Spain: Raquel Taranilla


South Africa: Candice Burt


Sweden: Helena Englund Hjalmarsson


United Kingdom: Daphne Perry


USA and all other countries: Prof Joseph Kimble


Zimbabwe: Walter Zure